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Join Our Team!

Gen Z Global Affairs is expanding! Applications for a social media manager, social media content creator, current events researcher and writer, and director of growth and partnerships are now open until the end of September. 

Open Positions

Social Media Manager

The social media manager is responsible for managing all social media channels, strategizing for social media engagement, and creating a schedule for social media posts. The social media manager will work closely with the social media content creator.

Social Media Content Creator

The social media content creator is responsible for producing the actual content posted on social media channels. This individual will work directly with the social media manager. 

Current Events Researcher and Writer

The current events researcher and writer is responsible for writing and distributing the Gen Z Global Affairs weekly newsletter. This individual will also assist the social media team with research for timely social media content and will occasionally aid with research for podcast episodes. 

Director of Growth and Partnerships

The director of growth and partnerships is responsible for overseeing the growth of Gen Z Global Affairs as well as facilitating partnerships. 

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