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Gen Z needs to be engaged in global affairs so that we’re prepared to be contributors and informed members of the global community. With constant new crises and global events, it can be hard to keep up- not to mention time-consuming and draining. The Gen Z Global Affairs Podcast is here to help with that! The Gen Z Global Affairs Podcast aims to present information in a digestible way that is easily understood but not too simplified. 


There is SO much information out there that it can be really time-consuming and even confusing for busy young people to comb through. At the end of the day Gen Z is busy going to school, work, and handling situations life throws at us. So, listening to something like a podcast while you’re commuting, working, or even exercising is a way to make sure you’re caught up with world events in a simple way that doesn’t require you to take a lot of time out of your schedule to research. 

Meet the host! 

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Gen Z Global Affairs Primary Host

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