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Gen Z Foreign Affairs Global Affairs Newsletter November 21 2022

Anti-Regime protests in Iran continue into their 10th week. In response, regime forces have been using violent force and have arrested over 15,000 people who all face the death penalty. At least 300 have been killed, and among the victims are numerous children.

The war in Ukraine continues and the country is still suffering from power outages caused by Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure. Though the city of Kherson in Ukraine was retaken by the country on November 11, 2022, they still face daily bombardment from Russia.

Protests have erupted in China in response to the country’s strict zero Covid policy. Many protestors have also called for President Xi Jinping to step down. Some have also been holding blank sheets of paper during demonstrations to symbolize the lack of freedom of speech in the country.

Controversy over the World Cup in Qatar continues. There is vast criticism of human rights abuses and the treatment of migrant workers. The host country has also been criticized for restricting free speech and targeting fans who express solidarity with protestors across the world who are fighting for basic freedoms.

A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Afghanistan. After the Taliban takeover in 2021, instability in the country has left millions facing famine. Some are selling organs and even their young daughters to survive.

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